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Renverse: Wonder Woman 2 by TerenceTheTerrible Renverse: Wonder Woman 2 by TerenceTheTerrible
Left to Right: Princess Diana of Themyscira, the first Amazon born in over three thousand years. On an ambassador mission from her world, Diana dawns ancient armor crafted by the gods (in this outfit, she was called "The 9th Wonder of the World" by US Air Force Officer Steve Trevor). Diana attempts to adapt to her new surroundings by dawning this civilian look. A combination of where she is and where she's come from, who she is and who she is meant to be, Wonder Woman dawns this outfit for one of her most challenging battles.


The island nation of Themyscira has gone undiscovered for millennia... frankly because those who had heard of it thought it didn't exist and everyone else had no idea what it was.

In the age of gods, seven Olympian women sought justice for the souls of women slain by men. Hera, goddess of women, led Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite in the creation of an island where the slain women of pre-history would be re-incarnated as ageless Amazons. The queendom of Themyscira was bestowed to Hippolyta, the reincarnated soul of the first fallen woman.

For countless ages, the women of Themyscira lived in tranquil serenity. But Queen Hippolyta was troubled, though she didn't know why. Hippolyta was slain in her previous life... but what she couldn't remember is that she was slain whilst pregnant with an unborn daughter. Some time in the late 20th century, the goddesses Artemis and Athena came to Hippolyta in a vision and instructed her to mold the guise of a child out of clay. Hippolyta obeyed, and together the seven goddesses restored the forgotten soul of the last slain woman. The baby came to life and queen Hippolyta named her Diana, after the rising moon present during her 'birth'.

Diana grew as a normal child, although her aging process was slightly staggered. The goddesses told Hippolyta that as long as she remained on Themyscira, she would grow to an adult, but age no further as the island was enchanted so that no living being would grow old enough to die.

Diana was given gifts by the goddesses at her birth: Demeter, great strength; Athena, wisdom and courage; Artemis, a hunter's heart and a communion with animals; Aphrodite, beauty and a loving heart; Hestia, sisterhood with fire; Hera, great speed and vitality. Diana grew into each gift with time and became an intelligent, kind, and strong young woman. She forged many friendships with her sister Amazons, including a fierce but friendly rivalry with an Amazon named Anippe (Ah-NEE-Pay) of the Bana-Mighdall.

One faithful day, the sky over Themyscira was suddenly streaked by smoke as what appeared to be a flaming phoenix fell to earth somewhere on the island. Immediately, Queen Hippolyta sent her entire guard to investigate. Unbeknownst to anyone on the island, the object which landed was no phoenix, but the smoking wreckage of Col. Steven Trevor's fighter jet. He and two others had been subject to enemy fire somewhere over the Aegean Sea. Though they had succeeded in taking down the enemies, he had lost his companions and needed desperately to land. He spotted a mysterious island and guided his plane to crash-land there.

Knocked unconscious by the landing, when he awoke, he realized he didn't know where he was and immediately exited the smoking wreckage of his plane to get his barrings. It wasn't long until the full guard spotted him and chased him through the jungle. While running through the jungle, he stumbled into the young princess reading. Immediately put on guard, Diana gave chase to Steve and captured him, bringing him to Queen Hippolyta.

Since everyone on Themiscyra spoke a language somewhere between Greek, Latin, and Turkish, Queen Hippolyta had her priestesses ask the gods for understanding, which allowed all on the island to speak English. Steven argued his case and Queen Hippolyta saw fit to return him to his homeland, accompanied by an ambassador from their world. She issued a tournament to decide which woman was the best choice, but she forbade Diana from entering.

Diana had thought to disguise herself and enter the tournament, in which she bested every opponent until she and Anippe were the only two left. Diana bested her in combat and Queen Hippolyta had her step forward and remove the helmet she had worn the entire contest. Upon discovering Diana beneath the disguise, Queen Hippolyta was saddened, angered, and disappointed but swore to the oath she had made, making Diana Steve's guardian. She was given armor created by the goddess Athena and the god Hephaestus, her Lasso of Truth, and a stealth flying machine Steve called an “Invisible Jet”.

Elsewhere in the world, Washington DC to be exact, an ancient artifact was being prepped for exhibit; an ancient vessel, a box, inscribed in a forgotten language. A young archaeologist couldn’t resist the temptation to open the box, unleashing the imprisoned sorceress, Circe, who immediately began to rage against those who had entombed her… the Amazons.

Diana’s first battle as Wonder Woman is against Circe’s undead minions. Circe disappears for a while, long enough for Diana to get to know how things are outside of Themyscira, but returns to give Diana the fight of her life.

Basically, take elements of her first animated movie and throw in one of her greatest villains. I’m all about giving Diana an arch-nemesis and of three possible choices (Ares, Circe, and Cheetah), Circe is currently my favorite… but the others would definitely appear in some capacity.

TECH: :iconterencetheterrible: Exclusive via :iconameyal: and :icontaiko554:. No touching sans permission. ♥
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ragdollfun Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
Very nice!
TerenceTheTerrible Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Thank you! :meow:
E-Ocasio Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012   Artist
I liked the artwork, but enjoyed your version of the story even more!
maybe I should do one of mine closer to her WWII origins by her creator.
TerenceTheTerrible Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
:thanks: Thank you! And I think that would be interesting. I could see it something like what Marvel did with Captain America... even the whole losing time/being frozen/what have you and coming back in modern times.
E-Ocasio Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012   Artist
In the old comics when the war was over and other people took over the WonderWoman comic they had her return to live peacefully on Paradise Island. Later she was stripped of all her powers and accesories(lasso, bracelets, tiara), then they made her a amazon again and had Steve Trevor come back to life after his heroic death in the end of WWII.
I like the TV series version better where she simply returned home when the Allies won and returned to modern era after another global crisis emerged.
Kenny0208 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is cool. I've been thinking up my own version of how wonder woman left home for man's world and how she came to be in her traditional outfit. and i may even start out with a prequel about her mother tat keeps truer to greek mythology. but i've got 8 other stories i need to finish first. lol
Kerevon Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011
....Me gusta. EXACTLY what she needed.
TerenceTheTerrible Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
:iconblushingplz:Thank you so much! :thanks:
guyverunit05 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011
this is cool... sucks the show and the movie both got the boot.
TerenceTheTerrible Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
Thank you! Yeah, I'm still bummed about both. Wondy can't ever catch a break.
Dudewithasmile Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good job with the added shoulder bulk! I'm surprised to see that you used a more modern WW in the mix, but it's definitely welcomed. I love them all and the first dress is absolutely gorgeous.
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