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MyWWE: Divas Title Match - Nico vs. Lacey by TerenceTheTerrible
MyWWE: Divas Title Match - Nico vs. Lacey

Wrestler: Nico Kincaid
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Wrestling Style: Brawler, Striker, Highflyer, Technical
Gimmick: Sugar 'n Spice, Babyface
Theme: “Like Boom" by Vita Chambers
TITANTRON:Her main graphics are all bright and floral/fireworks themed. Only her first name appears in sparkling, elegant but cute typeface in pink against the background of a blue sky as pink, yellow, purple, and orange flowers and various lit firecrackers float gently down. This is all interjected  with spots of her best moves and her being cute.   
Entrance: Nico jogs out on stage, twirls around elegantly until she’s standing sideways on the ramp, her legs spaced apart as if she’s bracing for a lunge. She leans back slowly, with a flourish of her left hand. She tilts her head and brings her hand to her lips and wildly blows a kiss to the crowd while her pink pyro shoots up in twin steaks flanking the ramp. Full of energy, she comes bouncing down the ramp, smiling, waving, pointing and high-fiveing fans. At the ring, she hops onto the apron and, kneeling on one knee, blows another kiss to the crowd. She stands with her back to the ring and, bracing herself on the ropes, she vaults over into the ring, where she twirls once more and gets ready for action.
Personality: Nico always knew she wanted to be a professional wrestler. Growing up watching her idols on television, when other little girls wanted to be ballerinas, doctors, teachers, and princesses, Nico wanted to be a WWE Diva. Fresh out of high school, she set out to make her dream a reality, training to become an amazing athlete. And she has achieved her dreams. Out of the ring, Nico is the sweetheart she’s always been. In the ring, however, Nico has the heart of a warrior and the moves to go along with it. Passionate about what she does, Nico strives to be a role model for little girls like she was.
Finishing Move:
• Short Fuse (Suplex Lift Spinning Facebuster)

Wrestler: Lacey Lawless
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada 
Wrestling Style: Acrobatic, Highflyer, Striker, Technical
Gimmick: Go-Go Destroyer, Heel 
Theme: "Body Language" by Heidi Montag
TITANTRON: Her main graphics are high-contrast, neon on black and textured backgrounds with an overall rave/punk theme. Her first name appears in an Old-English type script (solid white with a black outline) while her last name is a scratchy, distressed typeface (Solid white with alternating neon outlines). Scenes of some of her signature moves and best moments are intermingled with her name placard. A skeleton ballerina in a pink tutu and tiara pirouettes across the lower screens.
Entrance: The arena dims and laser lights in neon colors start criss-crossing over the crowd,emanating from the stage. Lacey saunters sassily onto center stage, twirling a glow-stick baton with shiny pompoms on either end. She pauses, crosses her right leg in front of her left, and swoops low in a curtsy, tilting her head to the side and smirking as she does so. She continues to stroll to the ring, teasing fans by blowing raspberries at them and brandishing her baton. Once near enough the ring, she charges the ring and slides in on her stomach, sliding into the splits and then rolling onto her back and pushing herself up into a standing position. She hangs from the ropes and brandishes her baton out at the crowd once again before tossing it to the side and preparing for action.
Personality: Lacey is a ruthless woman whose only goal is to be stinking rich and fawned over by admirers she dangles by a string. She used to chase this dream as a go-go dancer in a popular nightclub until a chance encounter with a pro-wrestler changed her life. After two years of training, she began to really love it; especially the fame she received once she entered the ring. This Vegas vixen is a violent viper in the ring; just waiting for the right moment to strike with one of her vicious kicks or venomous punches.
Finishing Move: 
•Sin City Split (Standing Guillotine Leg Drop)

Nico and Lacey have a long-standing feud, but neither of them had ever gotten much traction in the company until Nico defeated former Diva’s Champion, Ginger and assumed her role as the new champion.

When they first started, Nico and Lacey were best friends, even tagging together in NXT, but once they made it to the main roster it was clear they were growing apart. And as soon as Nico captured the title, Lacey confirmed, in no uncertain terms, that their friendship was over.

After three successful title defenses, it was finally Lacey’s turn at a shot.

The match begins in Nico's favor, as she locks up with Lacey and overpowers her into an armlock. Lacey utilizes her acrobatics and escapes the hold to sweep Nico's legs out from under her. The pace in the match quickens as Lacey launches into an assault of elbows and thigh-kicks. Nico attempts to make a comeback, countering an Irish Whip into the ropes with a headscissor takedown. This stuns Lacey long enough for Nico to charge her for a Lou Thesz press which Lacey counters by turning it into a small package pin. Nico kicks out at one only to receive a dropkick to the face by Lacey. Lacey scales the top rope just in time to hit a crossbody, which Nico counters into a pin attempt. Lacey kicks out at one and a half. Nico uses the nearby ropes to springboard into a kick which catches Lacey flush and throws her for a loop. Thinking she's got the upper hand, as Lacey scrambles into the corner, Nico rushes for another attack only to be met with a drop toehold, causing Nico to bash her head on the second turnbuckle. Lacey chooses to smack Nico a round a bit and yank her by her hair to her feet for a DDT. Several other spots happen during the match, including Lacey rushing over the top rope and falling to the floor. Nico gets to nearly hit her finisher, but Lacey pushes out just in time to catch Nico in the face with a superkick. Then, feeling bold, Lacey climbs to the second rope and performs her finisher the Sin City Split legdrop (which doubles as a pin). Nico kicks out at two and a half. Lacey gets frustrated and sloppy and it seems like Nico could make a comeback until Lacey counters one of her moves with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. This time, Lacey pins Nico, but while the ref is distracted with the count, she props her feet up on the ropes for leverage. "1! 2! 3!" And, with that, Lacey wins her first title and begins her first reign as Diva's Champ.

TECH: :iconterencetheterrible: exclusive, via :iconameyal: and :icontaiko554:. No touching without permission, please.



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