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MyWWE: TaoWei/Vishal vs. Cristobal/Danny D. by TerenceTheTerrible
MyWWE: TaoWei/Vishal vs. Cristobal/Danny D.
Wrestler: Tao-Wei
Hometown: Beijing, China
Gimmick: Shaolin Master, Tyke Bomb, Babyface
Wrestling Style: Highflyer, Striker, Martial Arts, Technical
Theme: “Here Comes The End Again” by Eyeshine
Personality: Though one of the youngest Superstars on the roster at just 21 , Tao-Wei has had a lot of experience in the ring, including an impressive career on the indie circuit. Standing only 5’4” tall, just about every other Superstar (and most of the Divas) are taller than him, but he doesn’t have a complex about his stature, viewing it as an asset allowing him to move at lightning speed around the ring. An extensive martial arts background and a love for parkour have made Tao-Wei a natural highflyer, and most of his most devastating moves come from the top rope. Though he loves being a champion, Tao-Wei is a wrestler because it’s simply what he loves to do.
Finishing Move:
• White Tiger Stripe (Top Rope Tiger Feint Kick to the Back of the Head)

Wrestler: Vishal Mishra
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gimmick: Sexy Stuntman, Babyface
Wrestling Style: Highflyer, Striker, Martial Arts, Technical
Theme: "Love Dose" by Yo Yo Honey Singh
Personality: Dashingly handsome, confident but not overtly cocky, Vishal is one of the dreamiest guys in the company. He's also one of the most daring; a highflyer who picks some of the most outlandish spots to triumph over his opponents. He's been in the business for a while, working independent promotions and picking up a veritable bevy of martial arts moves and inventive ways to take down opponents who are sometimes larger and stronger than he is.
Finishing Move:
Bodyrock (Leaping Reverse STO)

Wrestler: Cristóbal
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Gimmick: The Regal Spaniard, Heel 
Wrestling Style: Powerhouse, Technical, Grappler, Striker
Theme: “Smooth” by Santana feat. Rob Thomas
Personality: Hailing from Barcelona, Cristóbal Rafael Aguabella Espinosa (or simply Cristóbal) is a proud and boastful man who has the ability to outsmart the smartest and overpower some of the most powerful in the ring. He’s a schemer, and is capable of assessing any situation to discover how to manipulate situations to his advantage. During the beginning of his time in the company, he played the ‘dumb jock’, only revealing his true intelligence after taking home championship gold. A true master manipulator, he makes people pawns in his grand games of cerebral warfare. As ruthlessly cunning as he is powerful, Cristóbal is one of the top competitors in the company.
Finishing Move:
• The Siesta (Vertical Suplex Stunner)

Wrestler: Danny Diamandis
Wrestling Style: Powerhouse, Brawler, Striker, Grappler
Gimmick: Womanizing Bad Boy, The Template of Perfection, Heel
Theme: “Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace
Personality: If there’s one thing Danny Diamandis likes more than being himself, it’s fame and the glory that comes with it. That’s what drives him to dismantle his opposition in the ring: that paycheck. The money he makes from steamrolling competitors allows him to booze and schmooze with the elite, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Fond of beautiful women and showing off, Danny doesn't often have to resort to playing dirty for a win, but that doesn't mean he won’t… or that he won’t engage in a little after-match hazing if it amuses him.
Finishing Moves:
• Trip To Tartarus/3T (Stalling Vertical Suplex Side Slam)

TECH: :iconterencetheterrible: exclusive, via :iconameyal: and :icontaiko554:. No touching without permission, please.
MyWWE: Women's Tag Division by TerenceTheTerrible
MyWWE: Women's Tag Division
• The Hellions — Face — Randi and Mandi Hellion  TAG CHAMPS
• Top Notch Angels — Heel — E.C. Sloan and Mercedes Velez
• The School Girlz — Face — Sayuri Ishikawa and Yuriko Ōshima
• Heavy Hitters — Heel — Trix and Hitomi Inoue
• The Pop Stars — Face — Lady Luxx and Rue Ivy
• Georgia Peaches — Heel — Farryn Shane and Erin Kredible
• Anchal Patel and Fatimah Abassi — Face
• Buffy Bledsoe and Lyndzi Ling — Heel 
• The Glam Squad — Face — Tallulah LaBelle, Gigi Knox, and Amber D'Amato
• The Ghoulfriends — Heel — Lucretia Vonderheid and Céline Sabbath
• Summersun Commune — Face — Shoshana and Allegra Moon
• Mizz Scarlette and Hazard — Heel 
• Marisol Estrella and Jessie Bhandari — Face
• The Order of Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow — Heel — Sister Lillith and Sister Magdalena

TECH: :iconterencetheterrible: exclusive, via :iconameyal: and :icontaiko554:. No touching without permission, please.



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