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Renverse: PRHF Remake by TerenceTheTerrible
Renverse: PRHF Remake
Hyperion Enterprises, Inc. is a multibillion dollar company with divisions catering to almost anything you can think of, from entertainment (Hyper Entertainment), to computer and robotics engineering (Hyperion Electronics), to federally funded paramilitary armor and weaponry development (Hyper-Tech Industries).

As of recently, Hyper-Tech Industries, in particular, has been doing some groundbreaking work. This began with the creation of a mock-Morphing Grid that allowed for their first company-sponsored team of Rangers. Named after the project that created the powers, Project Hyper Force are ready-made do-gooders who are being sent out to Landmark City from the growing influence of the Shadow Syndicate.

Quick-witted and clever, Nigel Haddad relies on a combination of skill, strength, and agility to win his battles. Nigel's positive, calming can-do attitude has made him resolute and determined even in the face of extreme adversity. Confident and stalwart, he is often the ‘fighting spirit’ of the team when things get dire.

Feisty, friendly, and fierce, nothing stands in the way of Amelia “Amy” Blythe and something she wants. She comes from a wealthy family, but isn’t necessarily spoiled since she enjoys some good roughhousing and can get down and dirty just as easily as her teammates can. She provides much of the sarcastic, sassy humor for the team.

Even though he is the defacto leader, Kyle McAvoy often suffers from shyness and low self-esteem because he doesn’t believe himself capable of leading the team. Because of his close friendship with Nigel, he often looks to him for guidance and support. However, when it comes down to it, Kyle was assigned Red for a reason. He’s stronger than he realizes, both physically and mentally, and his determination to protect the innocent citizens of Landmark City.

Generally soft spoken and polite, Zoë Norwood is a warm and gentle person. She is mostly known for her bookish demeanor, but she has an unflinching devotion to saving the world and protecting others from harm. She is a consummate environmentalist, trying to preserve the Earth's natural beauty. She’s also vegetarian (only consuming organic dairy products). She’s the natural strategist on the team.

A quirky character given to endless wondering, Emmanuel "Manny" Verduzco is surprisingly perhaps the most formidable hand-to-hand combatant on the team. Because he is so jovial and silly, it’s easy for his teammates to forget that he has a serious side so when it comes out in battle, it can occasionally catch them off guard. Manny is really a good person at heart who just happens to revel in his weirdness.

Originally beginning as tech support at headquarters, Britney Nguyễn is a certified mechanical genius, along with her little brother Kellan. Britney has a sunny and friendly disposition, as well as a penchant for pop-punk fashion. When the Rangers are at their limit with one of their toughest villains, Britney dawns the Chromium Ranger prototype armor and rushes to their aid. She completes the team.

Nguyễn is Britney's little brother and, along with Wiki the Robot, make up the core of the Rangers' Mission Control back at HQ while they're out in the field. Kellan is responsible for creating and maintaining most of the Rangers' weapons, but he's no slouch in hand-to-hand combat himself. Like his sister, he is perky and upbeat but also unabashedly nerdy. He's always there to give the Rangers a boost when they need.

Wiki is a robot built by Britney and Kellan to help the team. He's a sentient automaton in the vein of Alpha 5 and Circuit before him. A fully-functional support robot, Wiki tends to many duties around HQ from tidying up to teleporting tactical support items to the Rangers while they're out in the field. Friendly, quirky, and cute, Wiki is much more than the "team pet".

Prometheus Stone is the mysterious benefactor of the team. Working with Hyper-Tech Industries as one of the principal owners, there are many things he is privy to that he doesn't seem apt to share with the team. At least for now... There's something he isn't telling the team, but for now he serves as the boss, calling the shots and giving the Rangers they're assignments. But how does he always seem to know just when trouble is afoot?

Vector Tech background via

TECH: :iconterencetheterrible: exclusive, via :iconameyal: and :icontaiko554:. No touching without permission, please.



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